Providing clinical-grade medical software applications for pre-operative planning and intra-operative navigation is a core vision of GIFT-Surg. In this process from bench to bedside, it is particularly important to follow a well-established software engineering process and to have a development environment, which will enable seamless integration of new components into the existing framework and applications.

Recently we have enhanced our development environment with two new test servers “GIFT-Adelie” and “GIFT-Gala”, supporting standard operating system platforms. Both servers feature powerful state-of-the-art hardware configurations, and are equipped with industry-standard software development tools. They will thus serve to ensure that each software development iteration produces new components that enrich the existing software framework without causing regressions. These test servers will also help us trace errors at an early stage, enabling us to tackle them before they lead to major faults and glitches in the entire software system.

This work relates to Work Package 9 on the project, which deals primarily with system integration. Read more about the Technology behind the project.

Test servers to boost our software development process