Public dialogue on scanning and surgical innovations in pregnancy​

Mar 22, 2021 | Public engagement

Researchers in the Centre for Medical Engineering, King’s College London are developing a number of technologies that could help improve the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that some babies develop while in the womb. These technologies have the potential to improve outcomes but could also impact the experience of families in this situation and lead to a change in the way they are cared for. They want to talk to members of the public to understand their thoughts on these developments, known as a public dialogue.

The basis of this public dialogue project explores the ongoing research from two Wellcome Trust-funded projects co-located in the Centre that use advanced medical imaging to either develop surgical interventions to treat specific fetal conditions in the womb (GIFT-Surg), or improve screening and diagnosis of fetal conditions in the womb (intelligent Fetal Imaging and Diagnosis – iFIND).

Find out more on the Centre for Medical Engineering website.