For patients

This page contains archival information of our studies involving patient volunteers.

Archived studies

Amniotic fluid, placental and fetal stem cells at birth

This study aims to find out whether we can grow stem cells from amniotic fluid, placental tissue and fetal fluid, and whether proteins found in the fluid can be used to indicate long term outcome for problems such as kidney disease.

Computer Assisted Quantification of Learning Curves in Obstetric Ultrasound and Invasive Procedures (CAL-Obs)

This project investigates how healthcare practitioners move when they perform ultrasound scans and examine how the hand and eye movements of a less experienced operator differ from an experienced one.

Fetal MRI

Fetal MRI to improve prenatal diagnosis and therapy

This project aims optimise the way the technologies make images of different parts of the baby, the placenta and the pregnant woman. 

Fetal surgery interview study: Parental perceptions of fetal surgery

As surgery on the baby before it is born is a very new treatment, researchers in this study are interested in the factors that influence parents’ decision about what to do, whether or not they decide to proceed with the pregnancy or choose termination, fetal surgery or surgery after birth.