First fetal research MRI scan at UCLH

Jun 3, 2016 | News

On 18 February the team performed their first fetal research MRI scan at University College London Hospital (UCLH), after being awarded full ethical approval from the Hampstead Research Ethics Committee and the NHS Research & Development approval at UCLH.

Additional participants for the study are being recruited through the UCLH Fetal Medicine Unit, which is inviting patients whose clinician has advised them to have an MRI. Participants have been advised on how the procedure will be carried out and how data from their scans will be used, as well as any potential health implications, through the Patient Information Leaflet, which was developed in association with our Patient & Public Advisory Group.  The MRI scans are taking place in the Radiology Department of UCLH and are reviewed by the clinical radiologist.

The images from the first scan have already been used to develop a novel algorithm for MRI post processing which is currently under journal review and the team hope to increase their sample size. As the study moves forward, the imaging sequences will be developed to optimise imaging of the spine and lungs, with innovative algorithms being developed to improve the availability of data through post imaging 3D reconstruction.

Images from the scans and other patient information are shared between UCLH and researchers at UCL using GIFTCloud, a safe and fully anonymised way of transferring data.