Dr Rosalind Pratt

RosalindPrattUCL Clinical Training Fellow (STr)

Dr Rosalind Pratt is currently working in North East London as trainee in clinical obstetrics and gynaecology with the Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust.

From January 2015 Rosalind will be taking time out of her clinical training to join the GIFT-Surg team, where she will take on the role of Clinical Academic Research Fellow.

GIFT-Surg focus

Innovations developed in the project will open the way for new treatments that are currently not possible due to the difficult constraints of operating in the intrauterine environment. Rosalind will work with the team to develop and run a prospective study collecting detailed information from pregnancies that undergo current fetal imaging by MRI and ultrasound, and fetal surgery. She will also develop algorithms or methods that will improve visualisation and treatment of the fetus undergoing fetoscopy and ultrasound/MR imaging and develop standard operating procedures for innovations in clinical practice. She will coordinate ethical approval for the novel imaging platforms in the clinic and develop a framework to evaluate patient acceptability and efficacy after innovative surgery.

Rosalind will also support the development of a training platform that will enable fetal surgeons to gain the necessary skills in the instruments before operating on pregnant mothers. She will review the bioethics of innovation in fetal surgery lead by Professor Richard Ashcroft, a bioethicist from Queen Mary University of London, and set up and run a patient public engagement group to consider all aspects of the project innovations as they emerge during the research.

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