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    Aside from the surgical technologies we are developing, we want to provide an open dialogue for those in the community who are affected by the conditions we are researching, both past and present, to discuss what your concerns are and how these technologies would be, or could have been, of benefit to you. It also provides a chance to discuss any associated risks and the long-term impacts of the surgeries, as well as meeting other people in the community who have been affected by the issues we are tackling.


    Our research and development began in August 2014 and we aim to share the findings and progress with the community publicly, through open forums, published brochures, charities we are working with, our website and facebook account.
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    Patient Recruitment

    During the project we will require healthy volunteers to support our research (for instance, pregnant mothers going for an ultrasound scan), we will put out further information as and when the need arises. At this stage procedures are not at the clinical trials stage (available to patients as a treatment option), although that is our end goal. If you or someone you know is affected by any of the conditions and would like further help and support please see our charity page for links to contacts.
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    The GIFT-Surg project poses lots of Engineering challenges across a full spectrum to include mechanical device development, chemical nanotechnology, photoacoustic development, software development and most importantly, integration.
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    Rehman-ANSARI-EndoscopyFind out more about the technological developments and workflow process taking place on the project.

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    Our research and development began in August 2014 and all of our results will be published in open access journals. Along with podcasts of selected conference presentations, they are available here.

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    GS-placeholderGIFT-Surg is working closely with a range of skilled clinicians to develop technologies and training in this field. Currently at the research stage, the project aims for developments to eventually be available at the clinical level as a viable treatment option for practitioners.


    GS-placeholderGIFT-Surg aims to improve treatments and outcomes for a selection of serious congenital birth defects. Further information on the treatments being developed can be found here >


    GS-placeholderGIFT-Surg will be running an active series of conferences and events for clinicians and researchers within the industry. Details of upcoming events can be found here >

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